Breathe With Me

Breathe With Me

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Two Weeks Until Release Day Snippet

There are only two weeks until ROCK WITH ME releases, my friends! Two weeks! I can't tell you how excited I am for you to fall in love with Sam and Leo. These two are just... well, I love them. To celebrate, here is a SEXY, SEXY, SEXY (and maybe a little funny) snippet. This is also the last snippet before release day! Enjoy!!

***Disclaimer: Copyright laws apply to this excerpt. This content is intended for readers 18 and over.

“You know what, Melody, I think we’ll just look around on our own, if that’s okay with you.”
“Oh.” She pouts and glares at me before turning big hazel eyes on Leo in what I’m sure she thinks is her flirty look. “Are you sure? I don’t mind showing you around.”
“I’m sure, thanks.” Leo grabs my hand and pulls me toward the stairs. “You are not helping,” he growls.
“I’m sorry, but that’s hilarious, and your own fault.”
“My fault?” He asks incredulously.
“Well, yeah. One, you should have told the agency who you are so they could send someone more appropriate, and two, you’re the one who always walks around shirtless in all your videos and photo shoots. I know for a fact she wants to lick your stars.”
“Shut up,” he mutters and pulls me down a hallway, looking in each of the rooms.
“You can’t get tattoos on your sexy V, the one spot on a man’s body that makes a woman sit up and beg, and not expect to get attention.” I inform him smugly and giggle some more when he continues to glare at me.
As we pass the top of the staircase on our way to what I assume is the master suite, we hear Melody’s voice downstairs.
“You will not believe who I’m showing a house to right now! Leo freaking Nash! I’m not lying. No, he’s wearing a shirt.”
I bust out laughing some more as Leo growls and pulls me into the master bedroom. “Told you.”
“I just wanted to look at some houses,” he mutters and wanders around the large, empty space.
“I think you should have your assistant call the agencies from now on.”
“Probably. Do you like this room?” He asks me.
“It’s big.” I wander to the window and look out at the Sound, the water reflecting the mid-afternoon sunshine. “The view is great.”
“Yeah, I like the view too.”
“The floors aren’t giving my feet frostbite, and the walls are a light mocha color, which is warm and nice.”
“You’re wearing shoes,” he reminds me with a grin.
“Your floors in Malibu would still give me frostbite through my shoes.”
“Smart ass.” He grins and opens a door to an enormous walk-in closet with built-ins for shoes and bags, and even a center island for other accessories.
“I might have just died and gone to heaven,” I breathe, feeling my eyes widen and my heartbeat increase. “This is just… Oh my God.”
“Closet is a yes.” Leo laughs.
“This is your house,” I remind him and consciously make my face go blank. “Not mine.”
“Not mine,” I repeat and shake my head.
“Okay, let’s just say there’s space in here for you to have a drawer of your very own for when you stay over.”
“Are you mocking me?”
“Yes. Let’s look at the bathroom.”
The bathroom is even better. “I could swim in that tub,” I mutter and wander through the space. The shower is the size of Manhattan. We could host parties in there. Full concerts.
Oh my God, the sex we could have in that shower.
“Are you okay?” Leo asks, his voice light and full of laughter.
“Yep,” I respond and trail my hand over the light granite countertop. There are two sinks, roughly four feet apart, with a plethora of counter space and drawers beneath. I turn around and lean against the granite, watching Leo across the room. “I think I want to lick your stars too,” I murmur and look him up and down.
His eyes narrow on me and he slowly moves to the door, latches it shut and locks it, then walks to me, leans on his hands on either side of my hips and stops, his face just inches from my own.
“You don’t get to lick anything right now.”
“Really?” I raise an eyebrow and watch his eyes as they roam down my body.
“No. But I do.” He grips my sides and boosts me up onto the countertop so my feet are dangling and my pussy is close to the edge.
“Leo, that girl is right downstairs.” He moves between my knees and leans in close, his lips against my temple and hands unfastening my jeans.
“I don’t give a shit. It wouldn’t matter to me if Jesus and JFK were right downstairs. Even they couldn’t stop me from tasting you right now. Lift your ass.”
I comply and he peels my jeans and panties over my butt and down my legs and discards them on the floor. He cups my hips in his firm hands and kisses my cheek, down to the soft spot below my ear and along my jawline to my lips.
“I can smell how turned on your are,” he whispers against my lips and one of his hands roams between my legs and cup my center. “God, you’re warm and already wet, baby.”
“It was the closet that turned me on,” I whisper and then moan when he pushes a finger inside me.
“Then I’d better buy the house,” he murmurs with a smile.
“Just kidding,” I breathe.
“What made you this wet?” He asks and bites my lower lip, then soothes it with is tongue.
“What about me?”
“Thinking about the fun we could have in that shower.” My breath catches as he gently brushes my clit with his thumb.
“Mmm, yeah, that could be fun,” he agrees and kisses me softly. “Samantha?”
“Yes.” Oh, God, just push a little harder. Just a little harder. I move my hips, trying to increase the pressure against my sensitive nub, knowing I’m so damn close.
“I’m going to eat you out here on this counter.”


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