Breathe With Me

Breathe With Me

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Cover reveal and snippet for ROCK WITH ME!

I'm thrilled to debut the cover for ROCK WITH ME, releasing May 2, 2013. In celebration, I've also attached a long snippet below. Happy reading!

Photography by: Linus Pettersson
Models: Sulan Von Zoomlander and Katrina Lotus
Cover Artist: Renae Porter of Social Butterfly Creative

***Please note, the following excerpt is intended for audiences 18 and over, is unedited, and may be altered or deleted prior to publication.

“Samantha, let’s go get cupcakes and anything else you damn-well want.” I scowl down at her, and clench my hands into fists to keep from reaching out to her and tumbling her back into that bed when she offers me a wide smile.
“Cupcakes it is then.”
We dress quickly and I hold her black coat up for her to slip into before pulling on my own and sliding my beanie over my head.
“Leave the beanie off,” she’s grinning at me. “I like touching your hair.”
“It’s just easier if I wear it.” I kiss her forehead and usher her out the door.
“So, is it your disguise?” she asks sarcastically. “Pull the beanie down over your trademark sexy hair and eyebrow piercing and cover your tats and pray no one recognizes you?”
She may be joking, but I can hear the edge to her voice. My being recognized doesn’t excite her any more than it does me.
I push the button for the lobby on the elevator and pull her into my arms for the trip down.
“I don’t get recognized often, sugar.”
She relaxes against me and sighs and I can’t help but smile. The difference in her from when we first started running together and now is amazing. She’s used to me touching her now, which is good because I can’t keep my hands off her sexy little body.
“Where is the cupcake place?” I ask as we walk out of the elevator and through the lobby of her building.
“Just a couple blocks over. We can walk it.”
“Are you feeling well enough for that?” I ask and frown down at her, but she just nudges me with her elbow.
“I’m fine. A few blocks won’t kill me.”
“Lead on then.”
The Seattle sky is bright blue today, treating us to a rare winter sunny day. I twine Sam’s fingers in mine and kiss them, and follow her into a little shop called Succulent Sweets. It smells like coffee and sugar inside, and Sam’s pretty blue eyes light up as they fall on the glass case full of baked goods.
Damn, she’s cute.
“What do you want?” I ask.
“Chocolate, of course,” she laughs and my gut clenches. I love her laugh.
She orders her chocolate cupcake and a hot tea, and I place my order and the little brat reaches for her wallet.
“What are you doing?”
“Buying you a cupcake.”
“Right, ‘cause I’m going to let a woman buy me breakfast.” I roll my eyes and push her aside and pull my wallet out of my back pocket.
The redheaded cashier glances up at me casually and then does a double take.
“Holy shit, are you Leo Nash?” she asks and I scowl at her as if she’s nuts.
“I get that all the time,” I laugh. “No, I’m not. That band sucks.”
“I like them,” the redhead shrugs and I instantly like her. “But yeah, sorry, I can see now that you’re not him.”
“I’m better looking, right?” I wink at her and she laughs and hands us our drinks and cakes and we find a table.
Sam is smirking and trying not the laugh out-right.
“That’s seriously how you thwart unwelcome recognition? By dissing your own band?”
“It worked.” I chuckle and take a bite. “Damn, that’s good.”
“You got lemon! Can I have a bite? It’s my second favorite.”
I hold the cake up to her lips and she takes a tiny bite and closes her eyes as she moans in happiness, and I have to readjust myself on my chair.
Jesus, I’m like a randy teenager with her. I thought I had better control over my dick than this.
“Can I have a bite of yours?” I ask.
“Hell no, get your own,” she pulls her cupcake closer to her and scowls at me.
“Selfish brat. I shared mine.”
“Sucker,” she smirks and continues eating her chocolate.


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