Breathe With Me

Breathe With Me

Friday, November 22, 2013

LOVING CARA excerpt!

Hi everyone! We are inching closer and closer to the publication date for LOVING CARA, available January 21st from Pocket Books! I truly can't wait for you all to spend some quality time with Josh King and Cara Donovan. Theirs is a fun love story. A sexy love story. A PASSIONATE love story. So, without further ado, Here are Josh and Cara!

***Disclaimer: this novel is unpublished. Minor editing changes may happen between now and the publication date.

Also, please remember, this is intended for adult viewers.

“Are you fucking me because you feel sorry for me?” I blurt out, and immediately wish I could grab the words out of the air between us and stuff them in my pockets.
Josh’s head whips around, his eyes wide in shock and anger. He clenches his mouth shut, tightens his grip on the steering wheel, and ignores the question altogether.
“Well?” I demand as he angrily flips on the blinker to turn down his driveway.
“Shut up, Carolina.”
“What did you say?”
“You heard me.”
“No, I must be mistaken, because if you just told me to shut up, I’m going to kick your ass.”
He pulls in front of his house, kills the engine, and turns in his seat to glare at me. “Why in the name of all that’s holy would you ask me that?”
“Just answer the question.”
“Cara, I’m going to warn you right now, I’m fucking pissed that you would even think for a second that I would fuck you, as you put it, because I feel sorry for you. Why is that thought even in your head?”
God, I’m stupid. I sigh and rub my forehead with my fingertips.
“Is this about Misty?” he asks, and my head whips back up to glare at him. “Shit.”
“What’s going on with you and Misty?” I ask, hating the accusatory tone in my voice.
“Nothing’s gone on with her for over a year.”
“You slept with her?” I ask incredulously.
“No, I dated her exactly twice, and then I found out what kind of person she is and stopped seeing her.” He shakes his head and brushes a finger down my cheek, but I flinch away from him. “What did she say to you?”
“She didn’t say anything to me.”
“Carolina,” he growls in warning.
“I overheard them,” I whisper, and look out the window, hating the tears I feel trying to form at the corners of my eyes.
He doesn’t say anything, he just waits, and I love him and hate him for understanding.
“Misty clearly has a thing for you.” I clear my throat as though it’s not a big deal. “She made it clear that a fat, ugly chick like me is no threat when it comes to a ten like you. You clearly just feel sorry for me and are trying to save me.”
“And you fucking believe that bullshit?”
“No, I don’t believe her!”
“Then why are we fighting about this?”
“I don’t necessarily believe Misty’s bullshit, but a tiny part of me can’t help but wonder why you’re attracted to me.” The last few words are whispered shamefully.
Josh stomps angrily out of the truck, slams the door shut, and moves in angry strides around the vehicle, yanks my door open, and, before I can do anything, pulls me easily over his shoulder, lifting me from my seat.
“I’ve heard enough.” He slaps my ass—hard—and carries me into the house, slamming the door behind us with his foot.
“I warned you.” He sets me on the kitchen island, slams his palms on the granite on either side of my hips, and pushes his face into mine. “I warned you the first day you were here that I’d spank your ass if you called yourself fat. It pisses me off.”
“So I’m gathering,” I whisper.
“Misty and her friends are bitches and most likely have been since the day they were born. I don’t give a fuck what they think about you or me or you and me together.” I hesitantly touch my fingertips to his cheeks and pull them down his face. “The only two people in this room are you and me, Carolina, and we’re the only ones who matter.”
He cups my face in his hands, his brown eyes on fire, and kisses me hard, his mouth claiming mine, marking me.
He grabs my hand in his, leading it to his erection, still covered by his slacks. “Trust me, sweetheart, this doesn’t happen around women I feel sorry for. Feel what you do to me.”
My cheeks flush and I just want to slink away and be mortified while he’s not watching, but he makes me meet his eyes with my own.
“Pull that dress over your head.” He takes a small step back, giving me room to do as I’m told.
I bite my lip, embarrassed all over again because I’d been brave earlier and gone without panties. Now I wish I’d worn them.
“Carolina,” he whispers, and drops to his knees, spreading my thighs wide. “You’re so beautiful.”
I whimper as he traces my labia with a fingertip and presses a soft kiss over my clitoris. “Soft. If I’d known you weren’t wearing panties all night . . .” He swears under his breath and then gently kisses my clitoris again.
I white-knuckle the edge of the countertop as electricity shoots through me at the touch of his mouth. “Josh.”
“That’s right, baby.” He pushes two fingers inside me and nuzzles the most sensitive nub with his nose. “I fucking love your pussy.”
I push my fingers into his thick, soft dark brown hair and hold on as he laps at my core, sucking and nibbling and making me crazy. I’m panting and whimpering, begging him to stop, but then begging him to never, ever stop.
He pulls away and lifts me off the counter. Stripping his clothes off quickly, he turns me around and bends me over. Before he slams his hard cock inside me, he slaps my ass again, the loud thwack echoing throughout the great room. He growls as he buries himself balls deep inside my slick pussy.
“Get it through that gorgeous head of yours, baby, this is not pity, charity, or just because I’m fucking horny. I want you, Cara. You.” He grips my hair in his fist and pulls me back so he can whisper in my ear, “You.”