Breathe With Me

Breathe With Me

Monday, June 24, 2013

I have BIG news!

I am elated to announce that I have signed a three-book deal with Pocket Books. This is a new trilogy, about an all new set of people. It continues in my family-saga style of writing and is called the Love Under the Big Sky series. The first novel, LOVING CARA, is set to release in February of 2014.

I want to assure you that I have retained the rights to my With Me In Seattle series, and I will continue to self-publish the remaining books. SAFE WITH ME is scheduled to release in mid-September.

I am honored and excited for the chance to work with the team at Pocket. Josh and Cara’s story is romantic, sexy and fun, and I can’t wait for you to read it!

Thank you, readers, for waiting patiently for this news. I know that I’ve been rather closed-mouthed about the project I’ve been working on, especially for me. I usually post regularly about the characters and story that I’m currently immersed in. Unfortunately, I haven’t had that opportunity with this one. I’m excited to be able to talk about it now!

So, to re-cap, you can expect for me to release SAFE WITH ME in mid-September, TIED WITH ME before the end of the year, and the new trilogy begins with LOVING CARA, coming from Pocket Books in February, 2014!

I would be remiss if I didn’t say a heart-felt thank you to my amazing agent, Kevan Lyon of Marsal Lyon Literary Agency. She has been so supportive and encouraging, and worked tirelessly on this deal to make sure it was exactly what was best for me. Thank you, Kevan!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Men of Seattle CONTEST!

Want to win your very own piece of the men  of Kristen Proby's With Me In Seattle series? Well, now you can! But first-you have to show us your version of the Men of Seattle. How do you do that? It's easy! Put together a collage of pictures depicting how you see each man in the With Me In Seattle series. Then email the picture to ProbyContests(at)gmail(dot)com. Kristen will be taking entries from now, June 17th, until Friday, June 21st. Then she'll announce the Top 5 collages received and put them up on her website. Then the power shifts to you! The readers will vote on the collage they like most. We'll announce the winner on Monday, July 1st, and the winner will win a one-of-a-kind With Me In Seattle charm bracelet! Don't miss out on this chance to win your very own piece of the Men of Seattle!

Good Luck, my friends!!

Kristen xo