Breathe With Me

Breathe With Me

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Come Away With Me - Teaser #3

         “Wake up, baby.”  Luke is brushing my hair off my face and gently kissing my forehead.
     I want him to go away so I can bury myself in the covers and go back to sleep.  It’s too early!
     “Come on, honey, open those pretty green eyes.”
     “I don’t have to.”
     He chuckles and kisses my cheek.  “Come on, morning girl, wake up.  It’s time to go get me all hot and bothered at the gym.”
     I roll onto my side and open one eye, peering at him uncertainly.
     “You hate me.”
     “No, baby, just the opposite.  Come on, let’s get up.”  He brushes his lips over my cheek and then my lips again and I sigh.
     “Let’s stay here and get all hot and bothered, handsome.”
     “Oh, no you don’t.  Come on, up.”  He slaps my ass and rolls away from me.  He’s already dressed!
     “Oh Jesus, you’re a morning person.  This could change everything.”  I sit up and stretch and eye him warily.
     “Gonna dump me already?”  He smiles delightedly.
     “I’m thinking about it.”  I rub my hands down my face and realize I smell coffee.
     “Do I smell coffee?”
     Luke picks a mug up off the end table and takes a sip.  “I brought this up for you, but since you’re dumping me, I’ll drink it myself.”
     I lunge up off the bed and dive for the mug in his hand.
     “Ah, ah, ah!”  He holds it out of my reach.  “You hurt my feelings.”
     His grin betrays him, but I play along, enjoying this game.  “I’m so sorry.  Can I please have that coffee?”
     I bite my lip and gaze up at him innocently through my eyelashes.
     He purses his lips and moves his head from side to side as if considering my request.
     “Well, maybe.  If you kiss me.”
     I pucker up and lift my face to his, planting my lips on his cheek with a loud smack.
     “Now?” I ask.
     “Oh, I think you can do better than that.  This is really good coffee.”  He takes another sip and moves quickly away from me as I lunge at him again.
     Changing my tactics I slide my hand in his shorts and grip his growing erection in my hand, rubbing up and down.
     His eyes dilate and he grins wickedly.  “I do love the way you think, baby.”
     He hands me the mug and I release him, walking toward the bathroom.
     “I’m gonna get you hot and bothered at the gym, not here.” I toss over my shoulder and shut the door behind me while Luke laughs.
     “Honey,” he yells through the door, “You get me hot and bothered everywhere.”

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Come Away With Me... Teaser #1!

     Suddenly he’s kissing me and we’re on the move.  He stands with me in his arms and heads inside the house.  He’s carrying me like I weigh nothing, and it’s so… hot.
     “Where are we going?” I ask against his lips.
     “My bed.”
     “We didn’t clean up after breakfast.”
     “We could get naked on the deck,” I suggest and bite his earlobe.
     He growls.  “No, my bed.”  We’re moving up the stairs.  “I’m getting you naked and plan to spend about a week in bed with you.”
     I can’t help but laugh.  “I have clients on Monday.”
     “Okay, but today and tomorrow you’re all mine.”
     “Yours?” I raise an eyebrow at him.
     “Mine.” He repeats and stands me gently at the side of his bed.  He grabs the hem of my dress and pulls it over my head. 
     “Sweet Jesus, you’re not wearing any underwear.”
     I grin.  “Nope.”

Monday, August 6, 2012

Come Away With Me Teaser #4

          I wake to an incessant doorbell.  I glance at the alarm clock.  Who the hell is ringing my doorbell at seven thirty in the damn morning?  I fumble around for yoga pants and a shirt and grumpily trudge down the stairs.
     Standing at my door is a young blond girl, maybe sixteen, holding a Starbucks to-go cup and a single red rose.
     “Are you Natalie?” she asks with a smile.
     “These are for you.”  She’s excited as she pushes them toward me.
     “Uh, thanks.”  I take them from her, pushing the rose against my nose.
     “There’s a note too.”  She holds it out to me, then claps her hands.  “This is the most romantic thing I’ve ever seen in my life!”
     I laugh at her excitement and open my door wider so she can see the dozens of bouquets of roses in the living room.  Her eyes about pop out of her pretty little head.
     “Holy shit!  Wow.  You’re so lucky.  Bye!”  She waves and is off.
     I take a sip of the coffee – oh God, that’s good.  How did he know white mochas are my favorite? – and open the note.
     Good morning, gorgeous.  Just a little something to start your day off right.  Can’t wait to see you. Luke
     Holy Moses, he’s just so sweet.  Jules comes down the stairs yawning.
     “Who was at the door?”
     “Does Starbucks deliver?” I ask.
     “Uh, I wish.” She eyes my coffee and the rose.
     “A girl just delivered these.” 
     “Jesus, this is starting to get sickening.”  Jules heads for the kitchen and I laugh, following her.
     “I’m going to see him this morning.”
     “Good.  I don’t want the details.”  She starts making her own coffee.  “Wait.  You’re the only one getting laid.  Yes, I do want details.  And pictures.”
     I grin and bury my nose in the rose again.  “I’m not going to sleep with him.  We’re just going to talk.”
     “We are.”
     “Okay.  Let me know how that works out for you.”  She sets the coffee to drip, then smiles over at me.  “I’m glad you’re giving him a chance.”
     “Just because he’s the Luke Williams?”
     “No, because he’s a good guy who finally treats you the way you deserve to be treated.”
     “What am I getting myself into?”
     “Something fun.”  She shrugs.  “Stop over thinking it and enjoy it.”
     “Okay.  I’m going to shower and head over to his place for breakfast."
     “Be safe.” She calls after me.
     “I always am.” I call back.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Come Away With Me Teaser #2

         I lay on my back and take a deep, satisfied breath.  Oh, this is nice.  Warm late-summer day, good food, sexy man… Yes, it’s a really good day.  Suddenly, Luke is pulling my feet into his lap and he starts to rub.

     Make that a glorious day.

     “Oh, my.  You cook and give foot rubs.  I must be hallucinating.”  I hear him chuckle.

     “Hey, what’s this?”  He runs his thumb just above the arch on the inside of my right foot.

     Oh, that.

     “A tattoo.”

     He tickles my foot and I squirm and giggle.

     “Obviously, smart ass.  What does it say?”

     “It says ‘One Step at a Time’.” I reply and sigh as he continues to work magic on the sole of my foot.

     “In what language?”

     “Italian.” I reply.

     His finger traces the letters and I push up on my elbows and watch him.  When his eyes meet mine they’re on fire, and the muscles low, low in my stomach clench.

     “It’s sexy.” He grins.

     “Thanks.”  I grin back.

     “Do you have any more?”  He cocks his head to the side and reaches for my other foot.


     His eyes shoot to mine again and they narrow.


     “Various places.”

     “I don’t see any others.”  His eyes skim up my bare legs, my arms, my chest.

     “The one on my foot is the only one visible with my clothes on, and that’s only when I’m barefoot,” I whisper.  Oh, this is fun! 

     He releases my foot.

     “Hey!  I was enjoying that foot rub.”

     He grabs my ankles and parts my legs, then crawls up my body on his hands and knees until his nose is almost touching mine.

     “I want to know where your other tattoos are, Natalie.”

     I bite my lip and shake my head.  Who can form words with his body so close?

     “You’re not going to tell me?” He leans in and lightly kisses the corner of my mouth.

     Again I shake my head no.

     “Maybe I’ll just have to find them.”