Breathe With Me

Breathe With Me

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Prologue from FIGHT WITH ME in Nate's POV

Hello, gorgeous readers!

As a thank you to all of you for keeping all three of my books in the top ten of erotica on Amazon since the first of January, I decided to do a little something special. I know y'all love Nate McKenna and all his pierced, tattooed yumminess, and thanks to YOUR votes, I have written the prologue in Nate's point of view.

I hope you enjoy it!



I grip her round ass and lift her against the wall of the hallway outside my bedroom. I can’t wait another minute to feel her sexy, long legs wrapped around my waist. Julianne wraps her arms and legs around me and holds on tight as I bury my face in her neck and breathe her in.

God, she smells good. She’s all vanilla and clean sunshine, and she’s just so fucking sweet.

She pulls my hair out of the tie and pushes her fingers through it as I lean back to just look down into her bright, lust-filled blue eyes.

Fuck me, she’s beautiful.
She’s panting and clinging to me, and I rock my pelvis against hers, reveling in how hot her center is, even through my slacks. She offers me a sassy little smile. God, I love her smart attitude.

"Do you know how beautiful you are, Julianne?" I whisper against her lips. I can’t get enough of her lips. Soft and perfect, I nibble them again and when she rocks those hips, pushing herself against my cock, I can’t take it any longer.

"I need you naked, now." And I do. I lift her easily and carry her into the bedroom, not bothering to stop and turn on the light. If I’m not inside her, now, my dick will explode.

We make quick work of our clothes, pulling at each other, stripping the offensive fabric away and flinging them about the room until we’re naked, and now I have unfettered access to her gorgeous, slim body. I can’t stop touching her soft skin, over her firm breasts, her sides, her slim back.

I can’t fucking believe she’s here, finally. She’s my every fantasy.

I push my fingers into her amazing blonde hair and pull her lips to mine, kissing the shit out of her. Jesus, her lips are incredible, and if I don’t slow this down, I’m going to make a fool of myself before I even get her on the bed.

I lift her, cradling her in my arms and lay her gently on my bed.

Licking and kissing my way up her body, I cover her, settle my pelvis between her legs, and return to kissing those amazing lips. Her hands are all over me, running up and down my torso, my shoulders, my arms.

I love how eager she is to touch me, and I kick myself in the ass for not turning the light on. I’d love to look into those baby blues and watch her response to me. Watch her eyes go wide as I sink inside her. Watch her legs tremble when my mouth is on her.

I can’t stop touching her hair, brushing it off her face, as I kiss her tenderly and let her run those small hands over me, exploring my body. God, she makes me fucking crazy. Finally, I lean

on my elbow at the side of her head and run my fingers down her face, her neck, and finally to her breast, and tease the nipple in my fingertips. It pebbles up and I have to taste it, pull on it with my teeth, and kiss it again as my hand continues the journey down her flat stomach and to that sweet spot that I can’t wait to bury myself in.

Fuck, she’s so wet!
I slip past her hard clit and plunge two fingers inside her warm, wet, tight as fuck pussy, and circle her clit with my thumb.

"Oh God!" Her back bows off the bed, and she pushes her pelvis against my hand. Damn, she’s so tight. There’s no way in hell she’s a virgin, but she’s also clearly not had sex in a while.

Thank Christ.
"Oh, you are so wet. And so fucking tight. How long has it been for you, honey?" Fuck, I’m going to hurt her. There’s no way around it. The only other option is to not make love to her, and that’s just not an option.

No fucking option at all.

I’ve waited too long to have her here with me, in my bed, and by God, I’m keeping her here.

She stills for a moment at my question, making me grin. "Longer than I care to think about." She lifts her hips against my hand again, and I groan.

"Shit, I want you. I’ve wanted you since I first laid eyes on you." My lips find hers again, more demanding now. I can’t get enough of her. I need her like I need to breathe.

"We shouldn’t do this," she whispers.

Fuck yes, we should.
"Why not," I whisper back and nibble over to her ear, teasing her earlobe with the tip of my tongue before I grip it firmly in my teeth, making her squirm against me.

"Because… Oh God, yes, right there." Her hips are circling, pushing against my hand rhythmically and she skims her hands down my back to my ass, pulling me to her, and I know that she wants me as desperately as I want her.

"You were saying?"

"We could both be fired. No frat policy."

"I don’t give a fuck about anyone’s policy right now." I clench my lips around her other nipple, lick and lave it, and work my way down her amazing little body, teasing her navel with my tongue, and then I find her wet center, spread her thighs wider, plant a kiss on each soft thigh and then sink into her.

Fucking hell, she tastes good.
She’s sweetness and just plain amazing. And I know, right now, I will never, ever get my fill of her.

She is mine.

"Fuck!" She bucks her hips up off the bed, making me grin. I grip her hips tightly and hold her to me, then spread her legs farther apart, pull my fingers out of her and make love to her with my tongue, swirling and pushing around her clit and lips, and finally plunging deep inside her.

She grips my hair in her hands, and I briefly consider making her hold onto the headboard, but change my mind. She’s not ready for that yet.

Next time.

Her legs are starting to shudder, and she’s writhing and squirming against my mouth. God, I love how responsive she is.

I lick up to her clit and push my flat tongue against that tiny nub while I push a single finger inside her, hitting that little, rough spot and send her into oblivion.

Her pussy tightens around my finger, milking and pulling at it, as she cries out, and I can’t wait to bury my cock deep inside her.

I open the condom and lick and kiss my way back up her incredible body, paying special attention to her nipples, loving the sound of the breath catching in her throat. Finally, my lips are on hers again, where they fucking belong, and she’s wrapping herself around me, eagerly pressing against me.

It’s almost my undoing.

I raise up on my hands, braced above her, my cock cradled in that glorious wetness, and want so desperately to plunge inside her and fuck her, hard, until she screams my name.

God, I want this woman.

But I can’t move. I’m staring down at her, wishing again that I could see her eyes. Her hands travel down my back, up my sides, and back down again.

"Nate, I want you," she murmurs in her soft voice.

"I know."
Fuck, I want you too.

"Now, dammit." I grin at her impatience.

"You are so fucking hot." I softly kiss her forehead and breathe her in again.
Jesus, is she really here? Am I dreaming?

"Inside me!" I’m about to laugh at her impatience, but she wraps that hand around my dick and I’m about to explode like a fucking teenager. She gently pushes up and down, not too tight, just exploring me and it’s the most incredible thing I’ve ever felt.

Then she gets to the tip and stills.

"Holy shit, what is that?"

I chuckle softly and kiss her lips, trying to distract myself from her magical fingers tracing the head of my dick and flicking against the piercing.

"An apa."

"A what-a?" she whispers. I can tell she’s a little shocked, and a lot curious, and my excitement just skyrocketed.

Just wait until you see the tats, baby.
"An apadravya. Fuck, honey."

"Why would you get this?" she asks, her voice full of curiosity and lust.

"You’re about to find out." I roll the condom on and plunge my fingers into her hair again, holding her face to me as I kiss her, devouring her mouth. She wraps her arms around me and lifts her hips until the tip of my dick is resting on her lips.

Dear God, she’s going to be the death of me.
slowly, gently slip inside her hot core. She’s so fucking wet that she easily accepts me inside her, and I don’t stop until I’m buried balls-deep in her.

"Fuck, I love how tight you are," I whisper against her lips, and she tightens around me, pulls me more firmly against her with her legs and grips my hair in her hands. She doesn’t want me to go anywhere, and damned if I plan to.

I want to stay here forever, buried inside her.

I start to slowly move, pulling in and out in a long, slow rhythm. I feel the metal dragging against her walls, and her body’s reaction to it is astounding. She’s quivering and pulsing against me, clenching me. Fuck, she’s so strong.

Getting that fucker was the best damn thing I ever did.

She’s not going to last long, thank God, because neither am I. I pick up the pace and twist my hips, just a bit, and I feel her begin to shudder beneath me.

"Come on, honey, let go," I whisper against her lips. She cries out as she grips me like a vice and comes around me, shuddering and shaking, her pussy milking me, and I have no choice but to follow her over the edge.

"Oh, fuck!"


"Are you okay?" I ask her and pull her against me, settling us into the bed.


"Do you need anything?" I run my fingers down her soft cheek and sigh contentedly.

"No thank you."

I can feel her withdrawing, regretting this already, and it fucking pisses me off.

"Do you want me to turn on the light?" I ask calmly and reach for the lamp beside the bed, but she stops me with her hand firmly on my arm.

"No, it’s fine."

"You don’t sound like yourself. Are you sure you’re okay?"
Talk to me, baby.

"I’m tired. Probably too much wine."

She didn’t drink that much. I noticed. I notice everything about her. I hate myself for being such a pussy and not making her talk to me, tell me what’s going on in that beautiful head of hers, but I know that she won’t open up to me right now, and if I push it, she’ll run. I just want to hold her in my arms all night long. We can talk in the morning and discuss where we go from here.

Because the job can kiss my ass. She’s mine. And God knows, I’m hers.

I kiss her forehead and turn her away from me, curling around her back, tucking her against me. She fits perfectly.

"Go to sleep. We’ll talk in the morning."

I tighten my arms around her and fall asleep with my nose buried against her hair, breathing her in.


I wake before the alarm, as usual. I run my hands down my face and then I remember; Julianne.

I reach for her, but the bed is cold and empty, except for me. I frown and sit up. Did she already get up? I hope she made some coffee.

But I don’t smell coffee, and an unease settles, unwelcomed, in the pit of my stomach.

Not bothering to pull on underwear, I hurry to the living room, but she’s nowhere to be found. The condo is empty, showing no signs of her. Her purse and clothes are gone. My heart drops into my stomach.

She fucking left.

Sonofabitch.It took me a year to get her here. How long is it going to take me to get her back?


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