Breathe With Me

Breathe With Me

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Welcome to Matt and Nic's story!

It's official! Tied With Me is live and ready for you to enjoy. So many of you have already purchased and read it, it makes my head spin. THANK YOU, for being excited for this book! I have been just as excited for you to read it.

In case you still need to find the specific links, they're listed below.

Kristen xo

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TIED WITH ME By Kristen Proby

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  1. OH MY GOD!! Just finished it and it was awesome!!! I already can't wait for the next book!! These seriously need to be turned into a movie series so we can relive them forever and ever!!!

    Seriously, f*&%ing awesome!! 100 out of 5 stars

  2. Excelente!!! Finish reading love it!!! Please translate ro spanish I have friend dying to read it!

  3. Oh Kristen! You have done it again! I love "Tied With Me"! You did not disappoint! I am so inspired by your wonderful stories and thoughtful characters. Do whatever you need to do to continue churning out such great books!

  4. Absolutely Amazing! Stayed up allll night reading it (so so so worth it) thank you!

  5. I love the series! I also love Jennifer Mack on audible performing your books. Amazing!

  6. Totally awesome I love all your books and you are an exceptional writer. Looking forward to be reading all that you write. Lisa K. Maryland