Breathe With Me

Breathe With Me

Thursday, September 5, 2013

September teaser of SAFE WITH ME!

This is the last teaser that will be posted before the release of SAFE WITH ME on September 24th. Unfortunately, this book is not available for preorder.

I hope you enjoy it! I can't wait for you to read Caleb and Brynna's story!

**Warning: this is intended for adult readers. Copyright applies.

“The show was ah-mazing!” Stacy exclaims as she settles into Isaac’s side, drink in-hand, smiling widely.
My cousin is well on her way to getting her drunk on.
“It was,” I nod and grin and can’t help but gaze over at Will and Meg who are wrapped up in each other on a couch nearby. “Will,” I call to him, “that was quite possibly the most romantic proposal I’ve ever seen.”
We are all at the after party for Nash’s first concert in their Sunshine Tour, where Will surprised us all by taking the stage and asking Meg to marry him in front of thousands of screaming fans.
“I’m a romantic guy.” He shrugs and grins.
“You’re a lot of things, babe,” Meg responds with a loud laugh, “but romantic isn’t one of them. Did Luke give you pointers?”
“Hey! I have my romantic moments!” Will frowns at her and then whispers something completely inappropriate in her ear, making her blush furiously.
“Oh yeah, that’s right.”
“I don’t want to know,” Matt shakes his head with a laugh and then glances at Caleb, who hasn’t commented all evening, or even looked my way twice. I wore this sexy outfit, and he hasn’t even noticed. Instead, his body is tense, and his eyes are narrowed, watching the room, the people around us, and just generally pissing me off.
I know he’s trying to keep me safe, but for the love of Jesus, I have more muscle surrounding me right now than the president.
“You okay, man?” Matt asks him.
“Fine,” Caleb answers with a nod.
“Are you sure?” I ask, resting my hand on his arm. He doesn’t spare me a glance, just tightens his jaw even more, if that’s possible.
“I’m fine,” he repeats, his voice hard and firm.
“Hey, Sam.” Jules approaches Sam from across the room. “Leo was just looking for you a few minutes ago. You must have been in the restroom.”
Samantha is dating Leo, the lead singer of Nash, and I couldn’t be happier for her. They make a great couple. Leo is all tall and tattooed and sexy as all get-out, but Sam keeps him grounded and isn’t afraid to cut him down to size when his ego gets a bit out of hand.
Not that it does often, I think Sam just likes flipping him shit.
“Do you know which way he went?” Sam asks.
“Out into the hallway,” Jules points toward the door and Sam leaves, off to find her man.
“I bet she’s gonna get orgasms later,” Stacy whispers over to me, making me smirk.
“Definitely,” I confirm and smile to myself.
“Where are the kids and Bix tonight?” Isaac asks.
“They’re all at my mom and dads,” I reply with a grin.
“You two need to get a room,” Jules scowls at Will and Meg who are currently necking on the couch.
“Dude, they just got engaged,” Nat waves Jules off. “Let them have fun.”
“You don’t care because you’ll be joining them any second now,” Jules accuses her with narrowed eyes.
“Good idea,” Luke smirks and dips Nat low, kissing her deeply, earning a loud groan from Jules. “Yuck,” she murmurs and sips her water. “Meg, I want to see your ring again.”
Meg happily holds out her left hand for Jules to inspect, grinning proudly.
“Did you pick it out by yourself?” Matt asks Will.
“Yep,” Will nods.
“He did good,” Natalie murmurs and smiles warmly. “You have good taste.”
“Of course I do,” Will chuckles and kisses Meg’s cheek.
“And he’s so modest,” Meg shakes her head and pushes her fingers through his hair.
“Were you surprised?” Will asks her, his voice soft and all trace of his arrogance gone.
“Completely,” Meg assures him and kisses him soundly. “Best surprise ever.”
“Brynna, you look beautiful tonight,” Luke comments before raising his drink to his mouth, surprising me.
“Thanks,” I murmur and feel my cheeks heat. “I’m glad somebody noticed,” I mumble and look away from the group, scanning the crowd. The girls exchange looks and then watch Caleb and I, thinking they’re sneaky. Thanks to my girls announcing our sleeping arrangements last week and me finally confiding in them while we got ready for tonight’s concert, they all know that Caleb and I are having sex. But I told them that it’s just sex and nothing more.
Because honestly, I don’t know what it is. I know I’m completely in love with him, and I believe he loves me in return, but he runs so hot and cold, and I can’t figure him out.
It’s frustrating the hell out of me.
Caleb tenses even more beside me as a man I’ve never seen before approaches us. “Excuse me, but are you Luke Williams?” The man asks Luke quietly.

“I am,” Luke nods and turns to the older gentleman.
“I’m Roger, Jake’s father,” he responds with a grin, holding out his hand for Luke to shake. Jake is the guitarist for Nash. “My wife is a big fan. Would you mind saying hello?”
“Not at all,” Luke responds with a smile and turns back to us. “I’ll be right back.”
“How did Luke hold up tonight, around all these people?” Stacy asks Natalie, referring to Luke’s phobia of crowds and being recognized thanks to his movie star celebrity.
“He’s fine,” Nat assures us with a smile. “He does well when he’s with all of us. It’s when he’s alone that it’s difficult for him.”
Will nods in understanding and rests his cheek on Meg’s head as Sam and Leo come into the room, holding hands, sharing a smile.
“Did you guys enjoy the show?” Leo asks as he steps behind Sam and wraps his arms around her shoulders, pulling her back against his front and kissing the top of her head.
“It was great, Leo,” I respond with a smile. “I love the new music.”
Sunshine is an excellent song,” Jules agrees and winks at Sam.
I reach down and lace my fingers in Caleb’s, hoping to anchor him and bring him into the conversation. He glances down at me quickly and squeezes my hand, but otherwise continues to watch and listen, not participating in the dialogue. Finally, I rise up on my toes and whisper into his ear, “Are you ready to go?”
“Yes,” he answers immediately. “Brynna and I are going to take off,” he announces, shaking hands with the guys and kissing the girls on their cheeks. “It was a great show, man.”
“Thanks. I’ll see you in a few weeks when I come home on our break.” Leo smiles warmly at me and kisses my cheek, making my toes curl just a bit. “Give him hell,” he whispers to me and winks as I pull away.
I wink back and trail behind Caleb, my hand still held firmly in his, out to the parking lot. “Caleb?”
“Let’s just get to the car, Bryn,” he responds quietly, but I hear the edge in his voice. He’s not mad. He’s scared.

And that just about brings me to my knees. Caleb is the strongest man I know, but being in this crowd, worried about my safety and dealing with his own demons simply because I wanted to come be a part of the concert speaks volumes for how he feels about me.
He’d sit through hell for me.
And he did.
We reach the car and he tucks me safely inside then moves around to the driver’s side and lowers himself inside, shutting and locking the doors behind him.
He starts the car and white-knuckles the wheel, driving quickly and efficiently through the parking garage. His muscles aren’t just tight, they’re stretched and bunched under his black sweater, and every part of him is radiating sheer tension.
I reach over and lay my hand gently on his thigh and gasp. His thigh is flexed, and I can feel the outline of every muscle through his blue jeans.
“Are you okay?” I murmur.
He glances over at me, his blue eyes hot and tight, and nods. “Yeah.”
“Babe, it’s okay.” He drops one hand off the wheel and covers mine on his leg, squeezing it reassuringly.
What can I do to help him?
As an idea forms in my head, I turn in my seat and brush my knuckles down his cheek and along his jaw.
“Caleb?” I ask softly.
“Hmm?” He responds.
“Talk to me, sailor.”
He exhales deeply and concentrates on the road for a moment and just when I think he’s not going to talk, he whispers, “I’m sorry.”
“For what?” I ask, surprised.
“I know I wasn’t a lot of fun this evening. I’m not good around a bunch of people, Bryn. It makes me nervous.”
“We didn’t have to come, Caleb.”
“You wanted to be here. I wanted you to come and have a good time.” He pushes his hand through his hair and I feel him start to relax, bit by bit.
“Thank you,” I reply quietly and lean over to kiss his cheek. My fingertips move gently up and down his thigh, caressing him lightly. I drop a kiss on his shoulder and then his bicep.
“What are you up to, Legs?” He asks.
“Can I try something that I’ve never done before?”
He glances over at me and frowns slightly, curiously, and then finally offers me a half smile. “Okay.”
“You’re going to have to scoot back just a bit,” I inform him and take my seat belt off and reach for his belt.
His eyes go wide.
“I’m gonna suck you off in your car,” I say matter-of-factly and pull his zipper down, tug his underwear down and release his hard, hot cock. I pull my knees under me on the seat and brace myself on the center console and pull him into my mouth.
“Fuck,” he whispers as he rests a hand on the back of my head, threading his fingers in my hair, as I rise and fall on him, sucking and licking and tugging on his gorgeous dick.
I lick a trail from his balls, up the under side along a thick, bulging vein, to the tip and trace the ridge of his head and the slit with my tongue.
“I love your cock,” I murmur and sink down again, pulling him to the back of my throat. I hold him there, pressing with my lips and swallow, massaging the tip with my throat.
“Holy Jesus, Bryn, I’m going to crash this fucking car,” he growls, but I don’t let up. I suck harder and move faster, and grip what won’t fit in my mouth with my hand, twisting and jacking him as I give him the best damn blowjob of his life.
He runs his hand from my head, down my spine, to my ass and grips hard, his fingertips brushing along the seam of my skinny jeans, setting my core on fire. I cup his balls in my hand and plant my tongue on the under side of his cock and tease him, knowing full well he’s on his way to coming in my mouth.
I can’t fucking wait.
“Stop, Bryn, I’m gonna come.”
I shake my head and increase my efforts, and suddenly I can taste the salty essence of him filling my mouth, splashing against the back of my throat, and I swallow, taking all of him and licking him clean before I lean back, tuck him away and smile smugly from the passenger seat.
“I guess I got you to look at me now, didn’t I?” I ask with a chuckle.
He’s panting, his jaw dropped, and he looks over at me with a mixture of awe and lust and... anger?
I just sucked him dry. What the hell is he angry for?
He pulls up to the house, slams the car in park and before I know it, we’re inside and I’m pinned against the front door and Caleb is pulling me out of my clothes.
“I’ve told you before, Legs,” he begins and tosses my top and bra over his shoulder, then reaches for my jeans. “You always come first. Always. You want to play this game?” He pulls my jeans down my legs and tosses them aside, along with my thong and pulls one of my legs over his shoulder, spreading me wide. “I hope you’re ready for what you just started.”
And before I can form a coherent thought, he reaches up to clench a nipple between his thumb and forefinger and buries his face in my pussy, sucking and pulling on my lips, licking from my anus up to my clit in long, hard strokes.
“Holy shit!” I exclaim and grip his head in one hand, tugging his hair in my fist and holding on for dear life to the door handle, praying I don’t fall.
“You think I didn’t see you tonight, sweetheart?” He murmurs between long swipes up and down my pussy with his tongue. “You think I didn’t notice how fucking hot your ass and legs looked in those jeans with these fuck-me heels on your feet?”

I squirm against the door as he pushes a finger inside me and pulls my clit through his lips with a loud smack.
“I can’t see anything but you, Legs.”

SAFE WITH ME, releasing September 24, 2013 


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