Breathe With Me

Breathe With Me

Friday, December 21, 2012

Interview with Mikalo from MIKALO'S GRACE by Syndra K. Shaw!

So… guess what? I’m super excited to be sitting down today with an incredibly sweet and oh-so-sexy man. I’m really doing it for you, the readers. I know… so giving of me. So kind.

So unselfish.

I met Mikalo about a month ago, and I fell in love with him from page one. He’s incredibly handsome, intelligent, kind. A little broken. And he’s head-over-heals for his Ronan.

What’s not to love, right?

So, I spoke with Ronan (and Syndra) about chatting with Mikalo, and they both gave me the all-clear to flirt shamelessly and get him naked.

Err… I mean, to flirt shamelessly and undress him with my eyes.

Okay, they gave me permission to play nice and be professional.

*sly grin*

It truly is an honor to sit down with Mikalo today and pick his handsome brain.
Here is what he looks like today:
Right? Holy moses, he's hot.
Kristen:  Hello, Mikalo… thank you for meeting with me today. I know how busy you all are with the release of MIKALO’S GRACE today!
Mikalo: Ah, yes, my hope is that there will be many who will open their hearts to my story and the love I feel with Ronan.  And perhaps they will find a part of it sexy, no?
Kristen:  chuckles and takes a sip of coffee Oh yes, I’m sure they’ll find it sexy. I’m just going to jump into a few questions. Are you ready?
Mikalo:  I am here for you and I am waiting.  Do what you will.  I am yours.
***Note: when he says it like that, I see this:
***But no, he still looks like this:
Kristen:  I like the sound of that, handsome. Okay, first of all, I have to say I so loved how you and Ronan met. What was it about her that first drew you to her?
Mikalo:  Ah, first sight. And how to answer for the heart? It is not just her beauty because there are many who are beautiful, yes? It was her heart speaking to my heart and saying Hello. Even though a stranger, I listened to my heart and he said that, yes, you must speak with this woman and see if her heart his open to you. I think it is.
Kristen:  Ronan is a lucky woman, my friend. Smiles and winks. What do you most miss about Greece?
Mikalo:  This is most difficult because there is no one Greece to miss, no? There are many. But I adore you, my new friend, and you make my heart happy, so I will try. I miss the laughter of my people in the small cafes. I miss the bright sun warm on my body. I miss the sand under the foot. I miss the smell of the herbs that grow along the road outside the city. I miss ... do you see? There is much.
Kristen: Smiling dreamily, chin propped in her hand, enjoying Mikalo’s sexy accent. I adore you too.  Ahem… next question. What is your favorite vacation destination?
Mikalo: Thinking, takes a sip of coffee. Ah, vacation. It is nice to take the breath, yes? For me, there are many. But my heart smiles when I go to Paris. Like a boy, I close my eyes, spin in the circle, open, and then walk, not sure where I am going, letting my feet get lost. You always find something beautiful in Paris no matter where the eye sees.
Kristen: Do you consider yourself to be a romantic?
Mikalo: Chuckling I am alive, I am taking the breath, I see you and you are very pretty and we have the talk, so, yes, I am romantic, I think. When I join my father and my mother in heaven, perhaps then no. But now? Yes. Oh yes, I think.
Kristen: Grinning widely with a slight blush Oh, yes, I have to agree… you are a romantic. That’s just one of the qualities that the women are going to love about you. So, speaking of romance, what kind of music do you prefer making love to?
Mikalo: Leans toward Kristen as if about to tell her a secret.  If the woman likes the music, then there is music. It is her choice and I do not mind. But I very much like the song of her sighs and her whispers. The sound of her body talking to my body, her heart talking to my heart. For me, there is no sweeter music than her saying my name as we lie with each other as that moment of passion comes very close. That is my favorite music.
Kristen: Clears throat and winks. Romantic indeed. Okay, a lot of the readers out there are dying to know if you have any tattoos?
Mikalo:  Laughs and takes another sip of coffee before answering. Ah, no. No tattoos. There is a needle and Mikalo, he is not so happy with the needle. Like a small baby, he would need a candy or something to suck on to please him after the needle. So, perhaps there will be a day when there is a small tattoo. But no, not now.
Kristen: I think it’s safe to say that if you ever decide to indulge in some body art, I’ll be happy to hold your hand.
Mikalo: No, like a babe, I would want something in my mouth.  A small candy perhaps?  Or ... ?
Kristen: Oh, I’m quite sure we can come up with something to distract you. Pats his musclular shoulder. Okay, here in the U.S. we have something we call the “speed round” in interviews where I ask you quick questions and you answer with what ever comes to you. Are you game?
Mikalo: Yes, I am, how you say in the States, born ready?  We can go now, my Kristen.  I wait.
Kristen:  Okay, here we go:  Wine: sweet or dry?
Mikalo:  I do not know. My tongue, he will tell me what he wants to taste. It changes.
Kristen: Soup or salad?
Mikalo:  You cannot have both? I want both.
Kristen: Somehow, I knew you were going to say that. Summer or winter?
Mikalo: Smiling that sexy smile I like to not wear the clothes too much. My body, he prefers the sun in summer, I think.
Kristen:  Then I prefer summer too. Wink Favorite sexual position?
Mikalo: Sits back and rubs his long fingers over his mouth, eyes narrowed, thinking. Must one have a favorite? Like the weather, it can always change. I let the woman's body speak to my body and they decide what it is they would like. And we follow, discover the new pleasure in this different way. But if we are close and I am, how you say, inside, then there are no complaints. I am happy and she, she is happy, and together we find what is working for us in that moment. And then maybe we change it, no?
Kristen: Stunned. Blinks. Licks lips. Will you marry me?
Mikalo:  Laughs delightedly Your beauty is not mine to have, my wonderful friend. I think perhaps there is another who is to hold you close and shower you with the kisses. But perhaps it is not me? My heart, I think, he is only happy with one. It is the truth.
Kristen:  Sighs happily Who can resist a guy so in love with his lady? Okay, I won’t keep you further. Please give my love to Ronan, and thank her for loaning you to me today. It was a pleasure.
Mikalo:  The pleasure, it was mine.  To speak with a lady of beauty and talent and intelligence, it is a wonderful way to spend one's day.  Please, we will do it again soon, yes?
Kristen: Oh yes, we’ll do it again soon.
See?  The man is amazingly sweet and is just so… *sigh*.  Ronan is a lucky girl for sure! If you haven’t already purchased your copy, here are the links to Amazon, Smashwords and Barnes & Noble.
BUT WAIT! THERE’S MORE! Leave a comment below to be entered into a drawing to win a copy of MIKALO’S GRACE! I will announce the winner tomorrow.
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